After a not so long summer break I’m back here in the blogosphere ready to disrupt my students’ world!

This year I’ve been given the honour of teaching both senior courses at my school. This is great but it also means that my students will have to work really hard to prepare for their final exams to be taken in June.  There will be many grammar points to cover, many essays to write and tons of homework… so I know you won’t be able to spend as much time helping me writing for this blog.

However, I’m planning on still using the blog to communicate with you… both as a sort of notice board for assignments as well as for reading recommendations.

Whenever my students have to write a new essay, I will post the topic and due date here, together with any necessary instructions. Once the essays have been marked, I will make a list of common errors and mistakes and post them here for their future use, as a sort of writing guide.

And of course I will try and get my students to read something in and out of the classroom… and we will recommend books as well, and maybe even enlist some help from my advanced students… we’ll see!

PLUS I have been reading awesome amazing YA books this summer, the last one being the beautiful and poetic SLAMMED by Colleen Hoover… I recently contacted the author on Facebook and I have the most amazing news! But that will have to wait until next post!

So take a deep breath…

fasten your seatbelts…

and get ready for the ride!

The school year is taking off!