This week my students have to read another fairy-tale and do their homework online answering some questions. One of my goals in the English classroom is to encourage my students to read actual texts in English, not abridged versions, and reading tales written for children is a good place to start.

This tale is about a girl who has to get water from a well…

The fairy-tale The Well at the World’s End is very popular and there are many different versions of it in English, Scottish and Irish folklore. They usually involve a girl travelling very far and meeting a number of strange creatures on the way…

Our version is from a book of Scottish fairy-tales and features a beautiful princess with a very cruel stepmother and an extremely ugly stepsister… I’m sure that rings a bell!

Here are the questions:

1. Who did the fair princess meet on her way to the well?

2. Why do you think the stepsister didn’t meet the same fate as the fair princess?

3. Why do you think the fairytale is about a “the well at the worl’d end”?

4. What is the moral of this story?

5. Did you like this story? Why/why not?