This week it’s Evelyn’s turn to bring us a review of another dystopian novel, Eve, by Anne Carey.

Imagine living in a world where boys and girls never see each other…imagine finding out everything you have been told is a bunch of lies…

The day before her graduation, Eve discovers something horrible, the reality of which is unlike anything you have ever been told.

She lives in a world where teenagers are supposedly separated to learn different professions. But their fate is not really to learn a profession, it is something far more terrible. So she decides to run away, preferring to die rather than follow the fate that has been marked for her.

She flies to Califia, a place where she has been told she will be safe. On her way she  meets Caleb, a rough and rebellious guy living in the wild. Eve is suspicious of the entire male gender, having been taught to do just that. But Caleb does not look anything like the monsters who had been described to her.

He is kind, he protects her and cares for her … and soon Eve trusts him completely. She is then sure that everything she has learned so far is a lie and she has to discover the new truth for herself.

And quickly, because the king’s soldiers very soon begin to pursue her. And they want her at all costs….

I loved the novel, it is true that the plot is a little fast, but I liked it that way. At first I hated the main character, Eve, but when I read more and more and she starting to change I could not help liking her and I started to feel like I was going through everything with her. I also liked Caleb. He lives wildly, having run away from school when he was enslaved. He is also a fighter, and he is charming, attentive and friendly.

I liked their love story, it was is beautiful. The story is short but not short of anything.