This week Iván brings us a review of a book that quickly became a classic in 20th century children’s literature… the first book in the Harry Potter series!

These books are so popular it’s hard not to have heard about them, but if you haven’t actually read them yet, what are you waiting for? We promise you, they are like nothing you have ever read… And if you have, make sure to introduce these books to the younger generations! 

Welcome to the world of Harry!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, first published in 1997is the first book in the Harry Potter book series written by British author J. K. Rowling.

Harry Potter is an orphan and lives with his abominably unbearable uncle and aunt and cousin Dudley. Harry feels very sad and lonely, until one day he receives a letter that would change his life forever.

The letter, delivered by an owl, informed him that he had been accepted as a student at Hogwarts Boarding School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


From that moment on, Harry’s fate takes a spectacular turn. At this school he learns spells, tricks and fabulous defense tactics against bad magic. He will become the school’s Quidditch champion … Quidditch being a sort of football that is played in the air mounted on broomsticks. He will make a handful of good friends… although some fearsome enemies too.

But above all, he will learn the secrets that will allow him to fulfill his destiny. Though not apparent at first glance, Harry is not an ordinary boy. He is a true magician!

I like this book and the movie too. Both of them are fun but, apart form that, they also teach us not to judge people by their physical appearance or dress, because what we see in these characters is their personal characteristics, their values and personality. The concept of friendship is also very important in this book. There will always be good friends who will help, support and accompany Harry, both in good times and in difficult times.



Some questions for you:

1- Have you read a Harry Potter book or seen a HP movie? If so, do you like them?

2- Do you know why Harry Potter lives with his aunt and uncle?

3-Is Harry happy to live there?

4-Would you like to have the opportunity to go to Hogwarts?