Finally, we have Esperanza and Erika’s review of Three Metres above the Sky...Recommended!

Three meters above the sky, by Federico Moccia, though not that well-known in the English-speaking world, was a literary phenomenon in Italy and has been both a literary and a cinematographic pehonomenon in Spain ever since the film came out in 2010.

The novel comes with a sweet story of its own: it was first published in 1992 in a limited edition paid for by the author himself. This edition was a success and photocopies of the book circulated from hand to hand in all Italian high schools, until it was finally published again in 2004.

It is easy to understand why the novel appeals to so many teeanagers… the plot is timeless as the sea and should work for anyone who’s ever been in love: Babi, a studious girl from the upper-class in Rome, meets Step, a bad boy interested in motorcycle races with a very dark past. They are immediately attracted to each other, though they both try to resist this attraction in their own way.

Step lives as if each second in life were the last; she’s ambitious and thinks about the future. They live in different worls, but when these collide… it creates an explosion, both violent and tender… and of course it is love that will make them both forget their differences and will have them floating, feeling about three meters above the sky.

This book is very interesting for teenagers , as it tells in a very intense and thrilling way how two teenagers feel when they fall in love. With his book it is easy to become involved and to see things as if you were the main character, whether you are a boy or a girl.

We think the boys will feel attracted to the danger, the motorcycling races, and such, whether the girls will easily identify with Babi, who is a clever girl worried about her school grades and her parents’ opinion. Suddenly her life changes when they meet and she starts doing crazy things that she never thought she would do, whereas he tries to leave some of the violence in his life aside to meet her in the middle…

And of course there is the Spanish version of the film with Mario Casas and Maria Valverde. That is definitely a favourite with most of Spanish teens… both girls and boys!

And then there is the “hanging locks in bridges” phenomenon which is based on this book and is now a worldwide thing…

And now for the questions…

1.What do you girls prefer to do when they are teenagers? And the boys?

2. What do Hache and Babi have in common?

3. Why do you think teenagers like this story so much?